The Lucretius project is an exciting new metaverse with lots of unique features. In addition to a compelling plot, the game is loaded with lots of activities for players to engage in. an example of these fantastic features is the in-game cross-chain NFT marketplace that allows players to trade their NFTs across various blockchain networks.

Burning Mechanism
Partner (BMP)

Lucretius has defined various BMP

1- XRPL Top 100 Holders :

We will rank the top 100 holders and reward them with their BMP shares based on their average balance during our two snapshot periods. The first snapshot period will take place from 10th - 15th while the second snapshot period will take place from 25th - 30th of each month.

Who is On The List ?

2- Lucretius Ambassadors :

There are so many benefits that come with being a Lucretius ambassador. Ambassador wallets will appear on our BMP list and they’ll also get to run Lucretius giveaway events on their page. You can apply to become a Lucretius ambassador by sending a message to us on Twitter. Pages are required to meet certain requirements to qualify and get approval to be Lucretius ambassadors. Send in your application today.

Who is On The List ?

3- Solid Supporters :

We will name our solid supporters every week on Twitter. Solid supporters will be selected based on engagements with our posts including following, sharing, and commenting on our social media posts and Lucretius events. Those who are announced as solid supporters on Twitter will have their wallet addresses included in the BMP list and will receive the equivalent rewards.

Who is On The List ?

4- Solid Players :

Solid players are those who constantly connect their wallets to our games and MetaVerse. Players in the top 5% will have their wallets included on the Lucretius BMP list and receive the equivalent rewards.

5- Tournaments Winners :

Winners of the Lucretius games tournament will have their wallets posted on the BMP list. The top three winners from each tournament will spend three consecutive months on the BMP list.

6- Lucretius Citizens :

We have defined various types of permanent employment opportunities for Lucretius users. Users whose wallet addresses own lands, shops or have jobs in the Lucretius city are the bonafide citizens of Lucretius. As such, they will be included in the BMP list.