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Hi there!
I'm #Chico your favourite buddy from the Lucretius complex. The only thing I love more than sports and staying healthy is making new friends. You know where to find me, I'm always where the fun is happening in the complex.
Don't forget to stay hydrated buddy, see ya!

Hey there!
Remember me?
I'm the cool guy from the Zany Club NFT collection, the first citizen of the Lucretius complex. If you are looking to play mystery games, or you like dancing and nightclubs, I'm your go to guy.
See ya!

Have you met #Ava?
She's an energetic smart girl who loves shopping and all the other perks of the luxurious lifestyle.
Ava is a true friend, she'll always be there for you. She's also an extrovert, always eager to socialize, so she's amazing company to look forward to in the complex.

Hi guys!
Meet #Hana!
She's is a full-time resident of the Lucretius complex.
Hana lives for adventure and entertainment. She's a prolific gamer so you should look out for her in the gaming section of the complex.

I am #Goro.
I am an unrepentant thrill seeker, you will always find me where the action is.
If you want unending adventure and some mixed martial arts moves, look for me in the Lucretius complex. Till then!

Blockchain Features

$LUC token is the native currency in the game, as well as mirrored as an XRPL token. It allows token holders to play, invest and also be part of the game. There is a fixed supply of $LUC tokens. The total supply of $LUC is 1B and issuer address will be blackholed before firs ICO.

   There are several utilities of the token :
  ● It can be used for payments between players.
  ● NFT can be purchased from the system using $LUC tokens.
  ● $LUC staking can offer reward to users.
 ●Game can reward $LUC tokens for attending to events and winning competitions.

Marketplaces And Trading

One advantage of decentralized ownership is that they can be traded on marketplaces outside of the game companies’ influence. This can increase financial incentives for gamers to purchase and create items in the game. Naturally, this feature will be available with Lucretius. Items can be traded in several marketplaces like Moon Light Night NFT Marketplace.

Lucretius Environment