Burn To Earn "25"

UP to 1040% APY
At Lucretius, we have designed the Burn to Earn "25" program to support our early investors and loyal followers before we launch our Lucretius metaverse. The program is aimed at members of the XRPL community; as such, exchange wallets will be ineligible to participate.
Please read the full information below to gain a deeper understanding of the program.

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The tokens will be burnt automatically upon arrival at the address. Participants must submit their wallet address, the transaction hash for buying tokens, and the transaction hash for transferring tokens to the burn wallet address.

For example:

If you buy a total of 100,000 $LUC from the market through four transactions, you will have four different transaction hashes:

Then you send all the 100,000 $LUC to the wallet address provided to burn, and you get another transaction hash:

To participate in the Burn to Earn “25” program, you must submit your wallet address, the four transaction hashes for buying the $LUC tokens, and the transaction hash for transferring tokens to the burn wallet address into the provided form fields.

The first week of the incentive program will commence twenty-four hours after submission. Participants will enjoy the following APY percentages:
G1 (4 weeks)  =>  1040% APY  
G2 (4 weeks)  =>  520% APY  
G3 (4 weeks)  =>  260% APY  
G4 (13 Weeks)  =>  240% APY  

Continuing based on the example above, you participated in the program with 100,000 $LUC. Below is a breakdown of your rewards for 25 weeks of the program:

First 4 weeks
1040% APY  =  1,040,000/52  =  20,000  =>  80,000 Receivable for 4 weeks  
Second 4 weeks
520% APY  =  520,000/52  =  10,000  =>  40,000 Receivable for 4 weeks  
Third 4 weeks
260% APY  =  260,000/52  =  5,000  =>  20,000 Receivable for 4 weeks  
Last 13 weeks
240% APY  =  240,000/52  =  4,616  =>  60,000 Receivable for 13 weeks  

Total reward for 25 weeks:



1. The Burn to Earn “25” program is designed for members of the XRPL community; exchange wallets will be ineligible to participate.

2. The program will commence on Friday 1st July 2022, and participation will stay open until 100,000,000 $LUC tokens are burned. In other words, the Burn to Earn “25” program will end when that amount is reached.

3. The reward deposits in less than 24h

4. Rewards will be distributed weekly starting 1st July

5. Lucretius will accept only successful transactions on XRPL DEXs for participation in the program.

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