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I'm #Chico your favourite buddy from the Lucretius complex. The only thing I love more than sports and staying healthy is making new friends. You know where to find me, I'm always where the fun is happening in the complex.

Lucretius Avatar NFT can use as a player avatar in Lucretius Metaverse.


The Rooftop Garden is an outstanding architectural masterpiece that sits atop the Lucretius complex. It is a large scintillating environment with great ambiance and stunning views of the environment. Like its twin, it comprises a wide range of flowers from all corners of the world. However, the Rooftop Garden shop boasts a larger space and many chairs for users who have come to hang out.

Price : 40,000 XRP

If you are looking for a serene outdoor space where you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee while you conduct some business, there is the perfect place for you. Seven different tables provide a private space for you to conduct your business while enjoying the lovely view. How do you like your coffee?

Price : 40,000 XRP

The Blue Bottle is the perfect place for you to unwind in the Lucretius complex. The pear-shaped pool with clear blue color sits in the center of the area with sculptures of two dolphins leaping out of the water in a magical spectacle. The area also plays home to four giant trees that provide natural shade and add to its overall beauty. Can’t wait to see you there!

Price : 40,000 XRP

The Haven Cafe is a perfect little area in the outdoor section of the Lucretius complex. With three sheds and two huge trees flanking it on both sides, it is a great spot for you to cool off after several hours of gameplay or networking inside the complex. It’s also a great place to meet fun-seekers like you and create life-long friendships.

Price : 40,000 XRP

The Sound & Fog is a common area on the exterior of the Lucretius where players can come to unwind, relax and connect. It features a unique circular layout with two long chairs positioned around a giant tree in the center. Players will enjoy stunning views as they interact with one another.

Price : 40,000 XRP

The MOON FLOWER is an indoor space that looks like a scene from a fairy tale. Flowers of all types and colors are showcased in six different sections, so everywhere you look is a priceless sight. Our florists work round the clock to ensure the most diverse variety of flowers from all parts of the world is represented in the garden. The flower garden also doubles as a romantic spot for users who plan to use the Lucretius dating service.

Price : 40,000 XRP

With tall trees lined up on both sides of Dream In Cups, you will enjoy gorgeous views of the complex while you sip a cup of hot coffee. It is also an excellent space to host meetings and dates with other complex members. With six different areas where you can sit and relax, you are sure to enjoy every moment of your time here.

Price : 40,000 XRP

Let us introduce you to one of our finest assets. Red Revolution is our first shop and because of being located next to the main entry and it’s fine and modern decoration in burgundy red color, it is definitely a revolution at drawing visitors attention.You like being bold?? This is the one!

Price : 40,000 XRP

Is the spring back or it’s just the freshness of our beautiful Jasper Wind’s colors? With its artistic layout and soul refreshing green color we’re not quite sure if there can be a better deal considering all this beauty.. Keep our second shop in mind.

Price : 40,000 XRP

Welcome to our third shop. No matter how crowded it gets there will be room for everyone since Sunrise has a huge space for you and your friends to cooperate and enjoy each other’s company.

Price : 40,000 XRP

The Rosetta Nebula is an eye-catching shop located in the lobby of the Lucretius complex. Its bright pink color and unique design standing out, makes it the perfect spot for socializing and meeting new friends. If you are looking for a shop that makes a bold statement, you should check this one out!

Price : 40,000 XRP

Our fifth shop looks like a traveler from the future. With its cubic design in warm green color and wooden furniture it suits everyone’s taste. Considering the price?? Also their pocket!

Price : 40,000 XRP

The Weaten Shop is a classy, beautifully ornamental space perfect for wining and dining. It’s orange/green finish is aesthetically pleasing, and players can easily find it in the complex’s lobby.

Price : 40,000 XRP

The Sapphire Surge is a two-in-one space with a tasteful and modern finish. The shiny sapphire structure is located in the lobby, making it hard to miss. Players will enjoy hanging out in Sapphire with its furnished sitting and dining areas.

Price : 40,000 XRP

Ocean Algae is a unique space in the Lucretius complex. Its design and layout best fit a restaurant or snack shop where players can mingle. It sits in the middle of the Sapphire Surge and the Blooming Spring.

Price : 40,000 XRP

With its contemporary style and unique finish, the Blooming Spring is easily one of the best-looking spaces in the complex. Its easily accessible location in the lobby of the complex is another reason it is an excellent investment.

Price : 40,000 XRP

Our tenth shop is already sold and designed beautifully for a talented artist’s NFT collections. You’ll be able to customize your shop just the way you want it to be. In Lucretius Mall everything is about improving your business.

Price : 40,000 XRP

The Blue Signal is an outstanding kiosk space in the Lucretius complex. Its striking blue and white finish make it distinct. It also features different dining spaces where players can socialize, make new friends and try out the dating feature in the complex.

Price : 40,000 XRP

Green Gables is a top-tier kiosk space in the Lucretius complex with something for everyone. It has various compartments where players can enjoy privacy while they socialize. It is perfect for players looking to connect with other players without interruption.

Price : 40,000 XRP

The Solid Hexagon is the perfect one-stop shop for all things fun inside the Lucretius. Whether you are looking to refill your energy or to connect with other fun lovers in the complex, the Solid Hexagon offers ample space and other amenities that you and all your friends will love.

Price : 40,000 XRP

The Purple Trapezoid is a superb space designed to promote social interaction between players as they navigate around the complex. It features a spacious lounging area and a dining area where players can quickly refill their energy while catching up with friends.

Price : 40,000 XRP

The Viola Kiosk is a fantastic space to display your virtual goods for sale. Its attractive exterior with purple highlights makes it one of the most aesthetically pleasing kiosks in the Lucretius complex. Players can sit back and relax while they shop from you.

Price : 40,000 XRP

The Ruby kiosk’s design is identical to the Wild Epiphany’s. It is eye-catching and makes for a great investment because of its location and the wide range of digital goods you can display for players in the complex to buy.

Price : 40,000 XRP

The Green Flow features a design that is unique in the Lucretius complex. The kiosk features a circular design that offers great views of the rest of the kiosks in the lobby. It is the perfect place to stop with your friends in the complex for a drink or two.

Price : 40,000 XRP

With a nice reception area, a furnished waiting room and beautiful interior decoration, the Zen kiosk is the picture-perfect space to bring your business into the metaverse. The kiosk provides a great ambiance for networking and handling business.

Price : 40,000 XRP

Ikigai is an exquisite relaxation space. Its orange color and gorgeous design are the first features that stand out. After a closer view, you realize that it is a great spot where players in the complex can relax, socialize, and kill time.

Price : 40,000 XRP

The Deep Sky is an outstanding architectural wonder in the Lucretius complex. It features two chairs in the center of the kiosk and a large bookshelf against the back wall. With a see-through design, it offers unique views of the rest of the complex.

Price : 40,000 XRP

The Sylvan features a common room-inspired design that looks good from the outside and within. Ideal for hosting a group of friends, the Sylvan is a kiosk that will be a crucial part of the Lucretius

Price : 40,000 XRP

Wild Epiphany is an elegant space in the lobby of the Lucretius complex. It is in a prime position to the right of the Carbon Kiosk, making it an excellent space to display a wide range of goods for sale players in the complex.

Price : 40,000 XRP

Designed with the players in mind, the carbon kiosk is stylish in the lobby of the Lucretius complex, complete with a blue and white finish. It boasts ample space and a great ambiance where players can socialize and try out Lucretius’ dating feature.

Price : 40,000 XRP

Like the Rosetta Nebula, the Orion Nebula is an eye-catching space located in the lobby of the Lucretius complex. Its unique design and orange finishing make it a great place to socialize, meet new friends and try out Lucretius’ dating feature.

Price : 40,000 XRP
The Lucretius complex project is still in its early stages. Here’s a brief overview of how far we have come and the exciting journey that lies ahead:
January 2022
  • Launched the first temporary version of the Lucretius website for community members to catch the first glimpse of the Lucretius Complex.
  • Issued LUC tokens on the XRP Ledger (with a total fixed supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens)
  • Started building the Lucretius community and spreading the word across all social media channels. We quickly established rapidly expanding communities on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and YouTube.
February 2022
  • Released the first version of the Lucretius whitepaper to acquaint members of the community with all the unique features of the Lucretius complex and information regarding tokenomics and DeFi offerings.
  • Released the first update for the Lucretius website to remove bugs and improve performance.
  • Organized the first round of the private sale events for the $LUC token on the Lucretius website.
  • Organize the second round of the private sale events for the $LUC token on the Lucretius website.
  • Hosted the $LUC token Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on Bitrue.com
  • Listed the $LUC tokens on Centralized Exchange (CEX) for investors and other members of the community to commence market trading.
  • Released a second update for the Lucretius website to improve performance and deliver a fun user experience.
March 2022
  • Released the first map of Lucretius world and a plot of the Lucretius complex for members of the community to get a bird’s eye view of the fascinating metaverse under construction.
  • Showcased some game starter avatars that community members will meet inside the Lucretius complex upon completion.
  • Listed the LUC token on four major Centralized Exchanges (CEX): MEXC, Bitrue, Probit and XT.com.
April 2022
  • Released the first video teaser for the Lucretius complex and game on all our social media accounts (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and YouTube).
  • Released more details about the staff, features, avatars, lots, shops, and NFTs that players will encounter in the Lucretius complex after launch.
  • Took a snapshot to capture the list of our first 100K trustlines. We will use the list to distribute rewards as outlined in the project whitepaper.
  • Took a snapshot to capture the list of our first 50K followers on Twitter. We will use the list to distribute rewards as defined in the project whitepaper.
June 2022
  • Promoted the Lucretius complex by sharing engaging content on our social media accounts and leveraging crypto-influencers with large audiences.
  • Hosted multiple Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with major Centralized Exchanges (CEX) like MEXC to attract new investors and players into the Lucretius community.
  • Organized loyalty programs to reward community members (BMP list, Lucretius Ambassadors, etc.)
Q3 2022
  • Host several reward programs for members of the Lucretius community. Such as the Golden Piggy '36', where participants will earn rewards of up to 520% APY for holding on to their wallet balance.
  • Host the Lucretius Burn to Earn ‘25’ program, where token holders enjoy massive rewards of up to 1040% APY for burning their $LUC tokens after buying from XRPL Decentralized Exchanges.
  • Host the Lucretius Buzz Program as an avenue for investors and token holders to maximize their holding in $LUC tokens and XRP through four pools and 25 rounds of weekly rewards.
  • Systematically double the volume of liquidity by releasing more $LUC tokens into the market during the Lucretius Buzz program, Golden Piggy ‘36’ and Burn to Earn ‘25’ programs.
  • Mint all the assets in Lucretius Complex as NFTs so that players and other community members can acquire them, keep them, and even trade them for a profit.
  • Continue to expand the Lucretius community globally across all social media platforms.
  • Continue creating more liquidity to facilitate lightning-fast transactions and improve investors' trading experience.
Q4 2022
  • Launch the game demo (test-net) for players to get a taste of the non-stop excitement that awaits them after the launch of the Lucretius Complex.
  • Finalize the blockchain API to facilitate seamless integration of all in-game assets and NFTs into gameplay in the Lucretius complex.
  • Complete a final test on the game to eliminate all bugs and guarantee an unrivaled in-game experience for all players.
Q1 2023
  • Officially launch the first version of the Lucretius Complex
  • Incentivize users to play by offering attractive Decentralized Finance (DeFi) products and services (Play2Earn, staking, etc.).
  • Develop a web-based version of the Lucretius game for players to enjoy unrestricted access.
Q2 2023
  • Get listed in all top crypto exchanges
  • Add two mini-games to the website
  • Develop and launch the IOS and Android versions of the Lucretius Complex. These versions will include additional features and expanded complex space. - add features, and expand the complex spaces.
Q3 2023
  • Add two more 3D games to the metaverse to make drive player engagement, interaction and retention
  • Add more games to the metaverse to make more interactions- Expand the Lucretius complex to become the Lucretius City.